Since the property market isn’t limited to just buying and selling, Streamline is proud to offer home management services to our Denver clients. If you’re a homeowner looking to rent in Denver, we will assist you in all facets of home management services with the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over the years. Below we’ll give a brief rundown of what home management entails, but feel free to call for more information.

Denver’s Streamline Home Management Services

Our home management company is responsible for many Denver buildings. Different properties require different property management services, but here are some of the things we commonly handle for our Denver clients as their trusted home management company:


A good home management company will keep your Denver home safe and habitable, which means tending to emergency repairs as well as regular maintenance. We want to keep your property in it’s very best condition, seeing to the shoveling of snow, trash removal, plumbing services, landscaping and more. Regardless of your property’s needs, we’ll hire contractors to perform repairs as well as maintenance and keep things in order.


Home management services may require looking after your vacant property to prevent vandalism and conduct regular maintenance as well as supervision of any security guards, concierge or janitorial staff to make sure they are doing their jobs to your standards.

Budget & Records

Some clients will use our home management services to have us manage a budget and keep thorough records concerning the Denver property’s expenses and income, any inspections, leases, complaints, repairs, rent and more.


Perhaps the most common duty of home management services is knowing how to set the correct rent level to appeal to tenants by understanding the Denver market, location, and price of comparable properties. We also collect the rent by setting a date and strictly enforcing late fees.

Landlord-Tenant Law

To be a proper property management company, we must know Denver’s property laws through and through. Eviction, tenant screening, security deposit management, safety standards, and lease termination are all processes we must be well-versed in and able to execute when the need arises.


Investment property taxes can be tricky, that’s why our home management experts help Denver property owners understand how to file, or even assist them in filing their taxes for them to make sure it’s done right.


Perhaps the most important part of being a home management company is finding and screening tenants for our Denver property owner. Also, we will conduct all leasing responsibilities, complaints, emergencies, move ins and move outs, and evictions for our client’s Denver home.

Trust the Home Management Service Experts at Streamline!

Denver is a competitive market. Luckily, we are a home management company with some serious competitors on payroll ready to keep your property profitable and intact. We’ll always meet your expectations and do our very best to blow the roof off, figuratively speaking. Feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call to inquire about our home management services in Denver. We’d love to hear from you, contact Streamline Property Group in Denver today!

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